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40 Million Into Red Hot ShoeDazzle
Back in December of last annual we did an interview with ShoeDazzle CEO Brian Lee discussing if his company was going apt be the then Los Angelesbased web hit.
This massive circular follows a enormous $13 million circular among April 2010 which was led at Lightspeed Venture Partners and participated amid at Polaris Venture Partners (who led the $7 million Series A). Total jordan shoes online funding namely equitable over $60 million. And this latest circular puts the valuation of the company well northwardly of $200 million, we listen (Originally, we heard $200 million and CEO Brian Lee said that wasn accurate,merely he timberland shoes wouldn guide us any further Another person near apt the knob said it was definitely higher.)
ShoeDazzle wasn planning aboard raising money until the kill of the year merely Lee presentation by an investor conference started a bidding frenzy and Andreessen Horowitz general companion John O was and combative,onward to folk approximate apt the handle O says he jordans for sale looked closely along several fastgrowing ecommerce companies of late,only was never snug enough to pluck the trigger. He wasn nike free uk going apt let ShoeDazzle get away. It is wind max bargain launching surrounded the UK within a few months, as beachhead to expand broadly surrounded Europe. Lee says launches amid Asia and South America are not distant later.
As a refresher, ShoeDazzle allows you to sign up and fill out a quick examine nearly your personal style Every month, the service sends you shoe/handbag/jewelryrecommendations put attach at professional stylists just for you. And as $39.95 a month, they send you an of these items. The site has more than three million members today.
One thing that got O attention was the social engagement nearly ShoeDazzle. It has extra than 940,000 Facebook fans, recently passing Prada. The fan page namely incredibly active inexpensive wind jordan shoes also ShoeDazzle runs its entire buyer service organization aboard its fan page,market jordan shoes and nike free run 2 the company says fashionable messages are posted every minute. have cracked amusement and social, and we think that really exciting, O said.
The additional important aspect of ShoeDazzle prototype namely that the company namely completely vertically integrated. It designs its own shoes and has them manufactured within China. This gives it total control over cost points,production,allocation and gives the company nike climate max distant better margins than additional ecommerce companies, investors say That also makes the company playbook a lot harder apt duplicate.
ShoeDazzle is possibly the 1st celebrity cofounded company to truly do well. Kim Kardashian namely a cofounder and spokesperson, and the company has signed up 40 popular somebody shoe designers since we last spoke with them including Kristen Bell and nike ventilation jordan shoes Jenny McCarthy. This isn a fluke: Lee has adapt cheap nike air max somebody arsenal unique People paucity to fashion tips from form icons,never necessarily go to Web sites they created.
Meanwhile, Lee namely on a reel Aside from ShoeDazzle, his other startup is LegalZoom, which just got extra money from Kleiner Perkins and IVP and ought be IPOing soon.
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